Be You Workshop

What if you could write your narrative based off of who you are at your core?  Based off of your talents, your strengths, instead of other’s expectations!  It would be amazing, am I right?  This is a FREE three part workshop offered four times a year that does just that! 

This series is magical, and we can bring it to you, in person and/or virtually!  If you want to give you and your friends an incredible gift;  have a desire to gift them personal development, create their narrative, and build a personal mission statement this is an amazing opportunity.  You’re the friend everyone wishes they had! 

Esther Be Collective has created this workshop series based on YOUR strengths to create an empowering narrative and personal mission statement for YOU!

What women shared from our most recent Be You Workshop; “Oh my goodness, that workshop was AMAZING!” and “I had THE BEST time on Saturday with the BE Tribe.”

Coaching meets you in the present to take you to the future. Not just any future, but it is a guide to help you grow into YOUR future. Many times as women, we get to a point in our lives where our approach to life changes, and we dive deeper into our personal narrative.

We have revisited our past through therapy (thank God for therapy!!), over and over, but there comes a moment you realize you have worked through your hurts from your past (not saying they don’t exist), and are ready to move into your future of a healthy well-being.   There is a quote by Brennan Manning, “Many people between the ages of 30 and 60, whatever their stature in the community and whatever their personal achievements, undergo what can truly be called a second journey. The second journey begins when we cannot live the afternoon of life according to the morning program.”

It’s OK to change the narrative, and it’s OK to dive deeper into knowing you, it’s OK to invest in yourself. You have permission to be your best self, to be YOU! Join us for Clifton Strengths Coaching and to help flip-the-script on your well-being. 

A testimony from a member of our tribe after receiving coaching, ” Words cannot describe how much I appreciate you taking the time to meet with me last night. It is hard to find people that genuinely seem to care about your thoughts and concerns, and I felt from the second you said hello that you cared. From someone that struggles with letting people in, you have no idea how much that means to me…so from the bottom of my heart, thank you!”