Sunday Suppers

The 2020 Sunday Suppers Season has come to an end.  It was an extraordinary year in more ways than one, we have been filled with love, gratitude, and so many open conversations to attempt to understand each other.  To the almost 70 women that registered and attended a Sunday Supper, thank you so much for being a part of our tribe.  We are looking forward to launching the 2021 Sunday Supper Schedule in April 2021.

What is Sunday Supper?  Sunday Supper is when women gather around a large table and break bread!  We talk about the hard things, the fun things, the sad things, and the beautiful things.  We share love and laughter, lathering one another in grace.  Friends, we have a long way to go and this is one way we can help each other through this crazy thing we call life.

What women are saying about Sunday Suppers…Let’s Talk About Race Sunday Supper, “Sunday Supper was an amazing experience of God’s love as we discussed racism in America. I, as a black woman, felt heard and respected.” “I loved the opportunity to be involved in Sunday Supper because it was a safe place to have hard conversations by working through uncomfortable questions about racial injustice systemic racism, inherent biases, white fragility, and privilege.” And, the LGBTQIA+ Sunday Supper  “Thank you so much for having this – I came out of there with so much more knowledge and so invigorated! That group was fantastic! So loving.” National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Sunday Supper, “Thank you for being willing to engage in this discussion.  We have so far to go in breaking the stigma and helping women feel like they can break their silence.”