Servant Harts Ministries

Servant Harts

Servant Harts is a Husband and Wife Missionary Team serving in San Lorenzo, Guatemala. Our amazing friends, Jason, and Kelly Hart, along with their two little girls Mia and Jo, are committed to bringing love, light, joy, safe housing, and nourishment to the Mamas, Babies, and Families of San Lorenzo.  

This incredible duo, along with their translator Bailey, have connected with the San Lorenzo Community since June 2019 and have earned the community’s trust, so much so that they were gifted land and are in the process of building a clinic on that land. 

We are partnering with Kelly and Jason to help them serve the community of San Lorenzo, to end the marginalization of women and children. Esther Be believes in loving without hesitation and judgment and Servant Harts definitely carries that out in Guatemala.

If you would like to watch a video that shares what Jason and Kelly are up to in San Lorenzo, click here!

Here are four ways we can help Servant Harts and the people of San Lorenzo, Guatemala:

  1.  Sponsor Jason, Kelly, Mia, and Jo:  They can’t be loving care for this community without the support of their sponsors, that allow them to be the hands and feet of Christ. We would like to help them raise $1,000 more a month to help with their costs, you can sponsor them here!

2. Purchasing a Stove:  Guatemalan women are some of the strongest people in the world. They spend hours around a stove like this one cooking to feed their family. If they don’t have a well-vented stove, they’re inhaling over 400 cigarettes worth of smoke an hour. They deserve to cook in a healthy environment, so we ensure all of our families, and if we’re able, others have a proper wood cookstove. You can help make sure more families have a suitable stove and aren’t inhaling dangerous amounts of smoke each day. Each one costs $180, and you can “purchase” one by going to

3. Baby Sponsorship:  Here is the story, of the newest baby in their program, Juan Francisco. The mother of baby Glendy (in the video) shared with last week that she knew a new mom with a one-month-old baby, and “he was small.” On Friday, we met Juan Francisco, his mom, Carmen, and dad, Raul. He was born a month early, weighing 4 lbs 15 oz. Now at five weeks, he weighs 5 lbs 15 oz. While he has added a pound, he is not gaining as much as expected and is still below ideal weight. His mom doesn’t have much milk supply due to not being able to nurse him in the hospital for several days, but the formula is too expensive, so they only give one ounce four times a day. The dad works in the mountain, tending to crops when he can to provide for his family. Kelly and Jason were able to take the family a water filter and a large can of formula so that the baby will be supplemented with bottles using clean water until we can prayerfully build Carmen’s milk supply. Tomorrow we will visit our amazing pediatrician for an evaluation to ensure there are no other concerns, and we are so grateful to God that he has been sponsored.   His family won’t have to worry anymore, and Servant Harts can make sure he is growing and thriving! Kelly and Jason love being able to announce new babies that are already sponsored. That has been 3 of the last four babies! If you would like to sponsor a baby for $60/month, you can let them know through Please don’t wait to join their fantastic team of sponsors!

4. Clinic Support:  Kelly and Jason’s Team is building a clinic for the people of San Lorenzo. What is incredible is that they launched it in early September 2020, and there has been so much progress already on it – we need some good news in 2020, and this is it! If you would like to support their clinic, the mamas and babies, and the people of San Lorenzo, please donate here: