Selah’s Grace Ministries

Selah’s Grace Ministries

Selah’s Grace Ministries exists to support families who have or will experience miscarriage, pregnancy loss, and infant loss. Selah’s Grace Ministries was born the day our sweet Selah Grace was born into Heaven due to a cord accident at 36 weeks and 5 days of life.

If you would like to hear Emma and Baby Selah’s Story, please watch here.

Along with Cuddle Cots, Selah’s Grace Ministries provides Selah Boxes to hospitals and individuals who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss. The idea for these boxes came from a beautiful hand made blanket Emma and Robbie received in the hospital when Selah was born. This blanket is one of Emma’s most treasured possessions now, “it is one of the very few things we have that Selah touched.”

Sent to some hospitals, Selah Boxes contain a handmade hat and blanket, a journal, and a personal, handwritten note from Emma to the baby’s family. These are all things that we found helpful after Selah died, and we wanted to be able to bless other families with the same things. Every blanket included is handmade and donated to Selah’s Grace by individuals and other groups. Currently, Selah Boxes are in all of the Community Health Network Hospitals, St. Vincent’s Women’s Hospital, and Riverview Hospital in the surrounding Indianapolis area.

Selah Boxes can also be sent to individuals and families who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss after Selah’s Grace Ministries has been contacted by someone wishing to provide a box to a friend or family member who has experienced the loss. These boxes are a little more personalized, including a Willow Tree Angel, a handmade necklace with the baby’s name on it, a journal, and a handwritten note from Emma.

To date, Selah’s Grace Ministries has been able to provide over 150 Selah Boxes to hospitals and families.

If you would like to support Selah’s Grace Ministries or request a Selah Box, please reach out to Emma via email, here.