Many times, we think we have to have an elaborate prayer for God to hear us; this is not true. God is looking for a conversation with us, not a wear your best clothes, put on the make-up, go to the Clip ‘N Curl, and get your hair did kinda fancy up to have a chat with God – God is looking into your eyes, just as you are, no masks, and seeking you to say, “hello.”

Let me ask you to sit for a moment, and think of Jesus sitting next to you. Holding your hand, wiping your tears, hugging you, and being a friend so dear – he wants to sit with us in our joy and junk – because that’s what he does. So many times in the Bible, Jesus sought out those who were sitting in their junk – to bring a living-water joy to them, and when he left us physically/earthly, he left us with a friend always, the Holy Spirit.

God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit…they don’t care about how you pray; they care about the condition of your heart, so start having a conversation. Remember, God is all-knowing – let that bring you comfort and don’t let that stop you, God wants to hear from you, your heart, just as you are.  

Father God, You created me in your vision, lovely and true. You love me for exactly who I am at this very moment. You are the creator of my life, and you knew my story before I took my first breath. Lord, help me wipe the scales from my eyes, open my arms, and embrace the plans you have for my life. Open my heart to receive encouragement, love, and celebration of my life. Let me see abundance, blessings, and strength. Thank you for seeing me, loving me, knowing me, and for your grace. May this journey allow me to see, care, and love me and others well. -Amen.