Gifts: Talents and Drive

You are an original, and there is no one else like you on this Earth. Do you realize how incredible that is? Do you realize how incredible YOU are?

Each of us have talents, but many times we do not know what they are, many times we continue to do what we have always done or what other people have told us to do. Let’s flip the script and unpack who we are by learning our strengths and uncovering our drive. Opening these up can bring a whole new narrative, motivation, and well-being to your life.

We want to help you BE the best version of yourself! Comparison is the thief of confidence, and it has no place in our lives. So, let’s do this – reveal WHO YOU ARE! We start with CliftonStrengths to uncover the why, your drive and help you with the how, we do this by embracing your natural approach and abilities. We focus on how you do things, build relationships, influence others, and your approach to thought through CliftonStrengths.  Leveraging this tool – you will become healthier and more whole. We focus on your internal motivation, core emotions, and strengths.

We use this tool to meet you where you are, coach you, and speak a language that resonates with you. As Tom Rath shares, “The key to human development is building on who you already are. And the greatest strength is uncovering talent in a human being that they didn’t know they had.”

There is freedom here for you.

Bryan Stevenson, the author of Just Mercy, says, “Each of us is more than the worst thing we’ve ever done.” Brene Brown shares, “To love ourselves and support each other in the process of becoming real is perhaps the greatest single act of daring greatly.” And Anais Nin, essayist, “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” We share these with you, as guiding lights out of shame, guilt, and fear – into courage, love, and celebration for your well-being.

Clifton Strengths Assessment

Stacy Sallmen, Esther Be Collective Founder and President is Gallup Certified as a CliftonStrengths Coach since 2016, coaching hundreds of women globally.