Be Boxes

We’d love to invite you into our story…(Stacy and Mama Katy in the above photo, Grand Lake, Colorado)

Stacy’s Mom was an amazing hugger, and sadly she passed away in 2017. Hugs from her made all of your worries and sadness go away. Often she would close her handwritten notes and cards with Big Hugs and Love (as we do today). Mama Katy had an amazing spirit about her; she welcomed everyone to the table and would love without hesitation. At Esther Be, we wanted to continue her legacy of hugs and love she so willingly shared with others, through Be Boxes, such as Be Love, Be Encouraged, Be Celebrated, Be Well.  

Y’all this is so much fun and so exciting! Beginning in 2021 we will identify two women to share a Be Box with, and we are inviting you to participate!  Do you know someone that needs to be shown love, encouraged, celebrated, a little pick-me-up?  So, what does this look like…?

  • The recipient of a Be Box can be a woman nominated by a friend, or can be selected by Esther Be Collective.
  • During the first two weeks of each month, we will be collecting funds from others to sponsor the Be Box
  • Esther Be Collective will put together the box for the honored recipient
  • And, the woman being celebrated will receive her Be Box the last week of the month

We would love to have you support wonderful women through Be Boxes – you may give via the Donate Button below: