In the book, Belong by Radha Agrawal, Radha shares, “Belonging is the opposite of loneliness. It’s a feeling of home, of I can exhale here and be fully myself with no judgment or insecurity. Belonging is about shared values and responsibility and the desire to participate in making your community better. It’s about taking pride, showing up, and offering your unique gifts to others. You can’t belong if you only take.”

As we prepare a safe place for those in our tribe to be themselves and gather, we realize we have a unique, courageous, beautiful community that is incomparable to others. Now, more than ever, loving without hesitation and judgment is key to our humanity.

We would love for you to BE with us for Sunday Suppers, Facebook Live Women of the Bible Studies, learn from our Collective Conversations and Workshops, and join us for future opportunities such as our podcast and retreats.

YOU belong here with us.