It’s really about YOU!

Hello, Beautiful Friend ~

I am so glad you are here! 

Let me share a story with you – I was sitting in church listening to a sermon about Queen Esther (you know, the woman that God used to save the Jews from being massacred? Yep, that one!), and I heard God whisper loudly to me – Stacy, you will lead women out of exile too. I immediately thought to myself (as I usually do when I hear clearly from God), God, you are crazy. At the time, I didn’t know what it meant exactly, but as the months turned to years, and the vision for Esther Be evolved – one thing was clear, I was to be an encourager of ALL women.

See, I am driven by my relationship with Jesus Christ, to reach out to people, specifically women. For me, Jesus is the original inclusion and diversity coach, and I want to embrace people just like He did and love others without hesitation. Do I get it right all the time? Nope – but that’s ok (thank God for grace). Jesus was incredible about tackling the difficult conversations, laying down the stones without judgment, showing us how we can embrace humans with love, encouragement, and celebration; to let women know we are heard and seen.

Women are marginalized across the globe, although making up 49% of the world’s population; we are a group that is viewed on the peripheral, instead of the day-to-day in most cultures. Esther Be Collective’s heart is to lead women out of exile, out of their shame, guilt, and fear and into well-being. To provide a safe place to shed what creates an exile in a woman’s life, we focus on equipping, guiding, and celebrating each one of you. Loving and embracing you means loving and embracing you for you, meeting you where you are, and honoring the person you want to be.

See, this is what I believe Jesus wants for His girls, freedom from shame, guilt, and fear; freedom from comparison, freedom from judgment, freedom from exhaustion, and freedom from loneliness. If I know one thing, Jesus wants the best for His girls. Ladies, we have a voice, and we are created to use our voice, unique talents, and the originality that God has given us to make our world better, to be better to each other, and to be better together.

Beautiful friends, I shared the earlier story with you, so you know a little about how this journey started. The vision at Esther Be is ALL women feel invited, encouraged, and celebrated, no matter their age, creed, color, or culture. We welcome YOU without judgment and love YOU without hesitation.

We are made for connection. It is up to us to make this world a better place for ourselves and each other – to learn, love, and build a community together. Please know we hope to be a safe place for you to grow, guide, and share your life and stories.

Esther Be Collective is about YOU, created for YOU, and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with YOU!

Big Hugs, Love, and Grace ~ Stacy
Stacy Sallmen, Founder of Esther Be Collective