It’s OK to sit in the scared. Fear never takes you anywhere good.

Today, would have been this beautiful, amazing, kind woman’s 41st Birthday.

My friend Kaity had so much wisdom, she was an unapologetic light in this crazy world. She was a truth teller, a Christian, an ambassador of Hope, a two time cancer survivor, a woman who rediscovered herself after divorce, and a grateful member of the recovery community. She was a renegade, a healer, and devoted herself to teach others how God pursues each of us, no matter how hard we run.

Kaity, I wish I was sitting next to you at Stir Crazy Cafe wishing you a Happy Birthday today, but I know you had an amazing highlight reel when you got to heaven, and I know your questions were answered, including…’why cancer a third time?’ Selfishly, I needed to hear you today, and God spoke through you to tell me – ‘it’s OK to sit in the scared space until the paralysis goes away.  You don’t need to act on that paralyzed space.  You can wait and eventually it will subside and when it subsides and you sit there with it, you’ll know where love resides.’

Kaity spoke at Esther Be in April 2017, here is a part of her story she shared, and the wisdom she left us with that day.  Kaity passed away five days after she celebrated her 40th Birthday on October 18th 2018.

Rest in Peace and Celebration my dear friend, you are terribly missed. -Stacy

Originally Written October 18, 2019

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